Thursday, September 3, 2015

Dark Trails, our imprint for certain books, stories, poems, and art.

Years ago, before Raven Publishing began publishing novels, we published a monthly newsletter for adult survivors of childhood trauma and abuse. It was called, "Alone Together." We finally had to quit publishing it for financial reasons, but we still get submissions once in a while. The latest offering is a sweet and poignant story that we thought should be heard.  It is about child abuse, but it is more about the healing power of love and kindness. With the authors permission, and since we can no longer offer the print magazine, we are publishing it in our Dark Trails Press blog.

We invite and welcome submissions of poetry, art, stories, and even books with a theme related to abuse and healing to be published on the Dark Trails Blog. Please send them to, or mail to:
Dark Trails Press
c/o Raven Publishing
PO Box 2866
Norris, MT. 59745