Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Book Covers

People judge a book by the cover, at least at first glance, so covers are very important to us. Our cover for Election Day was created by the very talented author, book designer, and editor, Craig Lancaster, who worked closely with me to give me just what I asked for. We wanted something to go along with both the title and the theme of the story, but more than that, something that would catch the eye of potential readers and hold their attention, and I believe this cover with the White House in stormy weather does just that. The book is about a fictional presidential election and a VERY stormy race for the White House—so it fits. As someone commented, on seeing the cover, "It's dark, foreboding, intriguing in the mist of storm. You can expect just about anything to happen as the story unfolds. Awesome!" And you'll be amazed and thrilled at all that does happen. 

Craig Lancaster also designed the cover for another of Jim Moore's amazing thrillers. A cover that invites you in to read more. 

I recommend Craig Lancaster's work, talent, and professionalism in creating a cover and/or designing a layout for anyone wanting an attractive book. He is also great to work with. 

 Janet Hill, president, Raven Publishing, Inc.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Forefathers' Foresight Put to the Test

Now, is a good time to sit back and enjoy the thrill ride found in Jim Moore's novel, Election Day—a better time, perhaps, than July of last year when the book was released. 2012 was an election year in which the campaign seemed to go on forever, millions were spent on ads trashing opponents reputations, and just about everyone, regardless of left or right leanings, was sick and tired of it all. At that time, potential readers may have associated Election Day, with what was currently filling radio, television, the Internet, and newspapers—and wanted no more of it. But this book is far different from any other book, heralding political events unlike any in the history of our country. Yet the happenings that will astound you in this story are entirely possible, due to contingencies our forefathers put into our nations laws.

Little-known laws in the  US Constitution and its amendments are put to a test in this story. The result of this thoughtful, thought-provoking, well-researched novel is a civics lesson wrapped in an exciting thriller with astounding revelations. It is a book that will leave the reader asking, "Are there laws here that ought to be changed in order to keep this unlikely but fully possible scenario from happening?" "What about the electoral college? Is it fair in every situation and contingency?"

The plot, the characters, the premise, the outcome of Election Day, by Jim Moore will stick in your mind long after the book has been put down or passed on. This is not your usual Election Day.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Body on the Floor of the Rotunda

Off to a good start, our launching campaign for a great thriller by Bozeman author, Jim Moore, lost momentum when the call for help of one of Raven Publishing's authors took our immediate attention.

We are still mourning the passing of Joan Bochmann, author of Absaroka, who left her cancer-ravaged body on September 26, 2013. Yet, as Joan would want us to, we want to continue to share the news of the latest release by our best-selling author, Jim Moore. It is too good to be ignored, and there is still plenty of time to put this book, in hard or soft cover, on your holiday shopping list.

About The Body on the Floor of the Rotunda:

Murder in the Capitol becomes the top news story when the body of Gloria Angel, the popular and lovely assistant to the governor of Montana is found on the floor of the rotunda of Montana s capitol. When an autopsy indicates foul play, Missoula Senator Audrey Welter finds herself accused of murder. She turns to a Senate colleague, attorney Stretch Bruce from Roundup, to represent her. They struggle to fulfill their legislative obligations while preparing a defense to the charge and trying to figure out who is the real killer. Was it the Governor? The Attorney General? The vagrant found lurking in the basement of Capitol? Was it Audrey s former husband, who was enamored with the dead woman and had been stalking her? The twists and turns come one after another right up to the end of the trial, as Audrey’s life hangs in the balance. 

“don’t pick up this book expecting to go to bed early”
Judge William Russell McElyea

“There is a ‘Montana Way’ in everything Jim Moore does. This novel deserves to be read by everyone who loves our great state.”
Neil J. Lynch, Former Majority Leader, Montana State Senate 

“The intertwining of the legislative process, cross-party politics, unscru- pulous politicians, a murder and a sneator/attorey/rancher who helps the damsel in distress makes for a great story.”
Cindy Younkin, Attorney and former Majority Whip, Montana House of Representatives. 

“Love and Lust drive the action that ends with a dramatic courtroom scene. This novel captivates right to the end.”
Kathleen Mohn, founder of Speak and Write, a corporate training firm

Available in hard or soft cover at many fine stores including Montana's largest independent books store, Country Book Shelf, as well as many online sites including http://www.ravenpublishing.netAmazon or as an ebook at Smashwords or Amazon's Kindle.

Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Miranda and Starlight Audio

Miranda and Starlight, by Janet Muirhead Hill, is available on CD, read by the late Joan Bochmann, author of Absaroka.

First published in 2002, Miranda and Starlight gained immediate popularity with girls who love horses as well as other readers. One young fan wrote, "My brother loves your book and he hates horses." Readers as young as five, many adults, and senior citizens have expressed their enjoyment of this story and have asked for more. Now, with the choice of being able to listen to the book on CD in addition to the paperback and ebook editions, it is available to a wider audience than ever.

This audio edition has been a long time coming, and many fans of both the book and of Joan Bochmann are thrilled to have it available now.