Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Forefathers' Foresight Put to the Test

Now, is a good time to sit back and enjoy the thrill ride found in Jim Moore's novel, Election Day—a better time, perhaps, than July of last year when the book was released. 2012 was an election year in which the campaign seemed to go on forever, millions were spent on ads trashing opponents reputations, and just about everyone, regardless of left or right leanings, was sick and tired of it all. At that time, potential readers may have associated Election Day, with what was currently filling radio, television, the Internet, and newspapers—and wanted no more of it. But this book is far different from any other book, heralding political events unlike any in the history of our country. Yet the happenings that will astound you in this story are entirely possible, due to contingencies our forefathers put into our nations laws.

Little-known laws in the  US Constitution and its amendments are put to a test in this story. The result of this thoughtful, thought-provoking, well-researched novel is a civics lesson wrapped in an exciting thriller with astounding revelations. It is a book that will leave the reader asking, "Are there laws here that ought to be changed in order to keep this unlikely but fully possible scenario from happening?" "What about the electoral college? Is it fair in every situation and contingency?"

The plot, the characters, the premise, the outcome of Election Day, by Jim Moore will stick in your mind long after the book has been put down or passed on. This is not your usual Election Day.

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