Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Bold "What if" is answered? (Teaser for forthcoming book)

What if:
two days before the general election, the candidate for Vice President of the United States is killed in an accident?

What if:
three day after the election the candidate for president—having received the most votes—dies.

Who gets to be president and how is that person chosen?

Jim Moore’s intriguing novel not only answers the questions—but also brings to light some provisions placed in our Constitution by the Founding Fathers to deal with just such contingencies. Throw in four would-be “Kingmakers,” an unscrupulous, power-driven egomaniac who is determined to be president at any cost, a rancher/lawyer from Montana who becomes a pawn in an election scheme, and you have an unforgettable story.

Jim Moore, best-selling regional author of Ride the Jawbone, (2011) began writing when he retired from his law practice about ten years ago. Before that, Jim was a cattle rancher, lawyer, and politician, including a term as Montana Senate Majority Leader. He lives near Bozeman, Montana with his wife, Kay, and continues to write both novels and short stories.

Election Day, by Jim Moore will be released this summer.

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