Thursday, May 9, 2013

Extraordinary "Election Day" Novel

After the many long months of the ruthless campaigning that led up to the 2012 presidential election, most of us were fed up with elections. However, anyone who has read Jim Moore's Election Day will tell you that the fictional election day in his novel is like no other. In a complex and page-turning scenario, Jim reveals facts about the US Constitution that most of us never even considered. His characters become real and important to the reader, but the most important "character" may be the Constitution and the Laws of the United States.

What if, just days before the election, the vice-presidential candidate is killed in an auto accident. His running mate is elected, but dies before taking office. Who, then will be president and how will that person be chosen?

The amazing thing about this scenario is that the framers of the constitution foresaw even this eventuality and made rules for how to proceed. As you read the complications that follow, you will be amazed at the thoroughness with which the founding fathers' considered every possible detail, but you just might question their wisdom. Should some of these laws be changed? The plot's twists and turns will surely keep the reader turning the pages until the last question. "When was election day?" Not exactly an easy question to answer

Election Day by Jim Moore was published in 2012 by Raven Publishing, Inc.

Moore's best-selling novel Ride the Jawbone came out in 2011.

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